LA Venture Podcast


Gil Elbaz — TenOneTen

April 28, 2021


My partner Gil Elbaz joins to talk about his passion for data, building AdSense, selling to Google and then building Factual.

He also explains why founders should mentally commit 10 years to their startup before beginning.

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Hello and welcome to the LA Venture Podcast. This is Minnie Ingersoll, host of the podcast and partner at TenOneTen. TenOneTen is a seed stage fund here in LA. All opinions expressed on this show by me and my guests are solely our own.

Minnie Ingersoll

Gil Elbaz is one of my partners and co-founder of TenOneTen.

He was also the founder of Factual, a location data company, and applied semantics. The company that built ad sense Ad Sense, took him to Google where he led Google's LA office and of course he is a Caltech grad go beavers kill. Thank you for hiring me at TenOneTen and for coming on the podcast today.

Gil Elbaz

Thank you. We get a lot of time to talk, but this time we're being recorded, it's going to be a lot of fun.