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Gil Demeter — Pontifax AgTech

January 13, 2021

Series A

Great discussion about next gen robotics and next gen bioscience with Gil Demeter from Pontifax AgTech.  With over $465M in AUM, Pontifax is one of the largest food and agtech funds in the world

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I'm talking today with Gil Demeter from Pontifax.  With a $300 million Fund II, Pontifax is now the largest food and agtech fund in the world. Before this, Gil was six and a half years at Qualcomm ventures and at Piper Jaffrey and Industry ventures before that.  Gil, welcome to the show. Thanks for being here.

Gil: Thank you so much for having me.

Our listeners don't already know Pontifax. Why don't you start by just giving us the basics.

Gil: You got it. Well, Pontifex is a growth stage,  investor in food and agriculture technology. So if you think about where we invest, it's somewhere between late stage venture, early stage growth, private equity is probably the best way to define it. And our sweet spot is really seriously. We'll go as early as series B in terms of investing.

Our check sizes, you know, match that same type of later stage growth. So we're doing anywhere out of fund two from 15 to 25 million in initial capital, and typically twice that over the lifetime of the company. So, you know, for our $300 million fund II, we'll probably end up having somewhere between 10 to 12 portfolio companies 

great. And what are the areas you're investing into?


I like to bifurcate into two different area. That's you've got life sciences on the one end. And you've got information technology on the other.