LA Venture Podcast


Galen Shaffer — Eos Venture Partners

June 14, 2023

Series A

Galen Shaffer is a Senior Vice President at Eos Venture Partners, a Series A fund, investing in the future of insurance. 

In this episode Galen shares:

- Why cyber insurance is a $30B opportunity for startups.

- What the first wave of D2C insurance startups got wrong.

- Why novel data is often not impactful data. 

Full transcript

Hello and welcome to the LA Venture podcast. This is Minnie Ingersoll, host of the podcast and Partner at TenOneTen. TenOneTen is a seed stage fund here in LA. All opinions expressed on this show by me and my guests are solely our own. If you are interested in LA Venture, go to, where I've made a sortable list of all of the great LA VCs who've been on this show.

Galen Schaffer is a Senior Vice President at Eos, a Series A fund, investing in the future of insurance. After our prep call, Galen had me convinced that insurance is the most fascinating industry, full of fulfilling career options, and something we should all be so eager to learn about today.

Galen Schaffer, fair summary that you are fired up to talk about insurance?

Oh, absolutely. Minnie, a joke I make with my husband pretty often is he's an accounting professor and I am in the insurance sector. And so compared to everyone else in LA I would say we are the most fascinating people in the room.