LA Venture Podcast


Gaby Darbyshire — Dangerous Ventures

January 11, 2023


"It would be delightful if all the brightest brains in the world focused their energies on solving climate problems."

Gaby Darbyshire gained deep operational expertise as a founder of Gawker Media before starting climate tech focused Dangerous Ventures.  There is a lot to learn from Gaby in many dimensions.

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Today I am with Gaby Darbyshire. Gaby is the founder and general partner at Dangerous Ventures, a seed-stage climate fund. Before moving to LA and starting Dangerous, Gaby was the co-founder of Gawker, the massive online media business that included Jezebel, Gizmodo, Valleywag, Deadspin, Life Hacker and others. She was also an environmental lawyer and has quickly become one of my favorite people and VCs in LA.

You know, Gabby. I thought we could start with Gawker. Of course it's interesting but it also just highlights how much Operational and company building background you have. So let's start there. How did Gawker get going? You were living with Nick, right?

Yeah, so I had moved to San Francisco for what I thought was year on a comment from a consulting firm in the UK and I'd been a lawyer in the UK before that, you know, barrister wearing a wig and gown in court every day.

You wore a wig?