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Faraz Fatemi — Lightspeed

July 13, 2022

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What does it mean to be more authentic online and will it lead to a nicer Internet?

How will future social networks make it easier to establish an online identity, find community and enable community ownership?

Faraz Fatemi, partner at Lightspeed, brings his perspective on consumer psychology to today's episode of LA Venture.

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I am joined by Faraz Fatemi, partner on the Lightspeed consumer team where he focuses on consumer platforms. Before joining Lightspeed earlier this year, Faraz was at Clubhouse and Wave and he started his investing career at Bain Capital.  Among other things, Faraz will be building out the Lightspeed presence here in LA.

Give me the overview of the new gig.

Absolutely. So I recently joined Lightspeed as a partner on the early stage consumer investing team. First LA based partner on the team. And I spend a lot of my time focused on four big buckets: the first is consumer social, the second is creator economy, the third is community based commerce, and the fourth is interactive media.

Yeah. for our early stage team, our bread and butter really is seed to series B investing. but we have a dedicated growth vehicle as well.