LA Venture Podcast


Ernst & Vaughn — Blue Bear Capital

May 13, 2020


Blue Bear Capital invests in technologies for the energy sector ($1-4M first check).  We talk with Ernst and Vaughn about the energy supply chain, the growth of renewables and what Ernst calls BroPEC.

Full transcript

If you think that the $30 trillion dollar energy sector is important, then you're gonna like today's show. I'm zooming with Ernst and Vaughn from BlueBear Capital. BlueBear invests in technology for the energy sector.

But they're looking at the full energy supply chains. It was a pretty broad scope of investments, as I understand it. Not a lot in your guy's portfolio. It's really like on the consumer side of energy. But you guys can tell me about that. Ernst and Vaughn and I are all here in L.A., but we're on Zoom for this one. So thank you both for zooming with me. Yeah, thanks for having us. Thanks for having us.

I think you were literally our last in person meeting and in the first or second week of March before we all went into lockdown. Remember, we did the elbow bump in your office.

Yeah, I should've about my microphone's had I know Vaughn.

So when I when I start with you, I'll put you on the spot and just give me some the basics of blue air, what you guys invest in, what's our attraction, what size checks, all that stuff.