LA Venture Podcast


Erik Rannala — Mucker Capital

January 22, 2020

Series A

We got a chance to catch up with Erik about Honey's $4B exit, his new partner Omar, his decision-making process and all things Mucker ($100k - $1.5M checks and a lot of elbow grease).

Full transcript

All right. Hey today David and I are here at Mucker labs with Eric Rannalla.

Eric is the Co-Founder Managing Partner Here at Mucker and its Mucker labs and Mucker capital. You're gonna have to explain the difference. I might have got that wrong.

It's both. We just now call it Mucker for short. I think. It encompasses all lab, capital and whatever else.

Great. Well we're gonna get back to it and you can explain the what you've got going on here but let's see.

Mucker has invested in some of the most iconic successful companies in L.A. which is exciting not just in L.A.. Trunk Club Surf Air Service Titan and honey are four billion dollar favorite here. And recently added a new partner O'Mara's. I'm excited to hear more about that. And before that you had a successful long product career up in the Bay Area where you were early at eBay and VBA products at TripAdvisor.

So anyways a lot to talk about. Thanks for having us. Yeah. Thanks for. Thanks for having me on. Great.

So I'll start by just making sure that we get some of the basics of micro. So go back to what you were saying. Tell me about macro labs micro capital. Are they the same or are they different to what is Mucker today.