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Elaine Russell — Albertsons Fund & Greycroft

March 17, 2020

Series A

Elaine recently joined Greycroft to co-lead the Albertsons Fund, a $50M fund investing into the future of retail.

The Albertsons Fund (ACI Fund) is investing with Greycroft's core fund $2-6M into Series A or seed companies that are redefining the future of retail.

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I'm here with Elaine Russell today. She is one of the leaders of the $50M dollar Albertson's fund. David is not with us, which is a little risky because no one to kick me under the table. And I could talk to Elaine for a long time anyways. Albertsons Fund is this new ish, relatively new fund that's part of Greycroft and very excited to hear about that.

But also before that, you are a partner at PLG, which is Peter L. Goldberg Seed Fund here in L.A. And not surprisingly, the Albertsons Fund is focused on the future of retail, which you've been doing in different capacities. But even since your time at JP Morgan, as I understand it anyways. Elaine, thank you for being here.

I'm so glad that we're now just around the corner from each other. How long have you been at great craft now?

Thank you for having me. Many. It's fun to be here. I have been at Grey Croft since the beginning of December, so just a short while now.

Got it. But the fund predates you by like a year or so. Correct? Correct. So obviously, Gray Croft has been around for a while.

And about a little over a year ago, Gray Croft formed this separate really sidecar fund backed by Albertson's grocery retailer Sidecar Fund is what you just called it.