LA Venture Podcast


Ed Wilson — Impulsum Ventures

March 30, 2022


One of everyone's favorites, Ed Wilson, joins to talk to about Impulsum Ventures, how they've built a venture firm alongside a 30-person dev shop and his sunny approach to life.

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Today I am with Ed Wilson. Ed is the co-founder of Impulsum Ventures, he is also a good friend, a good surfer, a great skateboarder, an okay backgammon player and much more. Impulsum helps companies build the next generation of iconic household names through investing out of its fund and also separately via its 30-person development studio.

Prior to Impulsum Ed was at Anthos for many years. Ed, we could start many places, but I was going to start just at the beginning, like where did you grow up? What was your family like?

Sure. So I grew up in Palo Alto when Silicon Valley was still transitioning from making Silicon chips into technology. Our neighbors did really cool things like make the game boy and somebody else work on the mouse. And so there was all this kind of fun folklore around. Steve jobs was somebody who cut in line at the local bakery and everybody was really annoyed at versus like, you know, this great person.