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Drew Taylor — Digitalis Ventures

August 18, 2021

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Drew Taylor is a partner at Digitalis Ventures.  Digitalis has a $100M human health fund, a $100M pet health fund and $30M for venture creation.

We also discuss being part of a family business and why founders in pet health are great people to work with.

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Drew Taylor is a partner at Digitalis Ventures. Digitalis has three funds, a hundred million human health fund, a hundred million pet health fund, and a thirty million for early early stage.

Previously Drew was the head of new ventures at Taylor Farms, the world's largest processor of fresh cut fruits and vegetables. Drew, did I get that right? 

You did, you did. Good to see you. 

Good to see you. I don't think we'd ever talked about the fruits and vegetables part of your life actually.

We can talk about as much of it or as little as you like.