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Dom Perri — Vertex Ventures

January 26, 2022

Series A

Dom Perri is with Vertex US, an early-stage venture fund that's part of the broader Vertex global network. With its $200M Fund III, Vertex will continue investing in early-stage B2B companies.

Dom tells us about Vertex US, his partners In Sik and Jonathan, his career in corp and business dev, and also some of his favorite maxims, including: "you don't ask, you don't get".

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Today I am with Dom Perri from Vertex. Vertex is a multi-billion dollar family of funds. And Dom is with Vertex US a $200 million reasonably new Fund III investing in early stage B2B companies. Vertex US is based in the Bay Area, but we are lucky to have Dom with us in LA after a career in the Bay Area, in corp dev roles at Dropbox, Tesla, and Juniper.

Yeah, I'm happy to, so, Vertex US, we're a boutique early stage B2B, venture fund we invest. Early stage seed and series a, uh, two thirds of our time is typically focused on infrastructure cloud developer tools. that includes, you know, data dev ops, cybersecurity, and roughly one-third of our time is spent in newer markets, at least newer for us, uh, such as B2B FinTech, supply chain robotics, industrial automation, things like that. 

Some of our portfolio companies include LaunchDarkly, PerimeterX, very good security Sera, Desktop Metal, and, about 30 others. And as you mentioned, we're on our third fund, $200 million that first two funds were. Each 150 million. my two partners, incent GRI and Jonathan Heidegger. Co-founded the firm. their relationship goes back a couple of decades, going back to the loud cloud OpsWare days. that's where insec, co-founded the company with Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. And Jonathan was actually their very first. higher. I did not realize insect was with mark and Ben that's some history.