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Dinesh Moorjani — Comcast Ventures

April 3, 2020

Series A

Today's episode is with Dinesh Moorjani, managing director of LA-based Comcast Ventures.  Comcast's sweet spot is a Series A check ($3-20M) but they are flexible.  Dinesh explains how Comcast operates, tells us about the early days of Tinder, his experience of private equity, and much more.

Full transcript

Today we're here with Dinesh Moorjani, managing partner at Comcast Ventures.

Hi nice to be with you. Thanks for being here.

Comcast Ventures I believe you guys are writing checks. I think you said between $3 and $20 million.

Yeah we do see checks all the way to growth checks. I think our sweet spot is really focused on product market fit which often is described as a series a check but we'll invest before and after that as well.

Great. Great. So we're definitely going to ask you a lot of questions about gas ventures. We're here in your office. So we're going to learn a lot more about what you're doing here. I want to start actually have a super interesting background so you did many things that you also are known for being the founder and running labs which hatched tinder. So super interesting to know more about what you were doing and and some of the stories from that site.

Sure. So to maybe understand hatch it would be helpful to understand the origin story. I was running mobile at I see with my team and had told Barry Diller and the team that I had planned to resign to go focus on building a lab to incubate my own ventures. We were essentially running mobile for a number of companies inside IAC which operated as independent panels focused on on mobility. But I felt like there was an opportunity this is back in 2010 to build our own companies and I had built companies before and was missing the entrepreneurial endeavor to do that.