LA Venture Podcast


Deron Quon — Angel Investor

November 30, 2022


"Good paperwork makes good friendships".  Deron Quon, co-founder of, Datassential, and Collective Solution shares thoughts on scaling and navigating a sale to private equity.

Now an active angel investor and founder of, Deron also talks about the importance of investing back into the LA ecosystem.

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Today I'm with Deron Quon. Deron is an active angel investor and a serial entrepreneur.  He is the founder of and Data Essential the global leader in data for the food service industry.  Simultaneously, he built Collective Solution, a 2,700 person call center operation.

Deron’s mission is to create more loving and meaningful interactions between people and his current company, Hoopla, is part of that mission.

Deron, glad to have you here.  So I did that little bit of introduction, but I figured I'd actually turn it over to you.

Well, I have to note that probably like people in your audience I did start my career in the asset management industry more in the traditional stocks and bonds area but you know I really felt like I didn't want my life to just be measured in basis points. So, me and two partners started