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David Zhang — TCV

February 22, 2023


David Zhang is a partner at TCV where he is investing out of their current $4B flagship fund in companies like Brex, AirBnb, Klarna, and Nubank.

David leans in on FinTech investing and tells us about some of his theses on the unbundling (and bundling) of financial services.

David comes from a hedge fund background and also shares why he prefers the alignment of private market investing over the more Darwinian nature of the public markets.

Full transcript

David Zhang is a partner at TCV where he leans in on FinTech and AI investments. David is on the Board of WealthSimple and was previously involved with the Board of Nubank. David's other current investments include Airbnb, Brex, and Klarna. TCV, also known as Technology. Crossover Ventures is a multi-billion dollar fund known for investments in Netflix, Airbnb, Peloton, Spotify, Facebook, and many others. David, thanks for coming on the show.

We met at Surf Ranch. Always good beginning.

Always. Yeah. That was a great place to have met. And I think we were just talking about this, I met so many great people at that event.
Yeah. Well, instead of talking about surfing, let's talk about TCV. I thought we'd start just with the basics so people have the overview of like, what size fund are you investing out of? What's your sweet spot?

Yeah. So we're a $20B plus AUM firm. We've been around for almost three decades now. Currently investing out of our 11th vintage, and that's a $4 billion fund.