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David Waxman — TenOneTen

February 24, 2021


The one, the only, David Waxman!!

David was the founder of three venture backed companies before he and Gil Elbaz started TenOneTen. David shares lessons learned from an IPO, a litigious board member and a couple decades in startups.

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Today I'm interviewing the one, the only David Waxman.  David and I are partners at TenOneTen, where we write million dollar checks into seed stage companies.  David has been the founder of three companies.  He raised venture for all three, had one IPO, one acquisition, one crash and burn. And of course he is one of the founders of TenOneTen. There's so much to get into. David, thank you for putting up with all this podcasting and coming on the show today.

Thank you so much for having me.

Well, you know, I like to start with the basics, so maybe you could, start me off by telling me how many pets do you have in your house right now?

That's a hard question. I can, let me count them off. It's two dogs, three cats, a leopard gecko, a snake, six chickens, two Guinea, pigs. I think that's it.

That was good.

That's excluding my worm bed. Cause I can't count all of them.

Yeah. Oh, no, you're not supposed to .  so, okay, so the branding of TenOneTen, um I think a bit we've we lean into this nice and nerdy brand. so tell me, how do you feel about that branding?

I feel like it's well, it's true. I think, I like to think I'm nice and I'm definitely nerdy  and I think we're all that, you know we've all started companies, but we've all also had these technical educations and we  have hung out with other nerdy people and we, We can refer to star Trek episodes and all those things that nurture, supposed to be able to do