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David Fleck — FreeFlow

September 16, 2020


I deeply appreciate David's approach to life and work. He founded FreeFlow to invest in startups coming out of Caltech that have the potential to improve our world.

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David Fleck is the founder of FreeFlow, a new seed stage venture firm that exclusively backs Caltech startups. Prior to FreeFlow, David was chief strategy officer at Disqus and also early at Google. But I don't just know David from Google. David and I go back almost two decades and I'm pretty sure that I introduced him to his wife, Lauren. And David, as always, nice to be chatting with you. Nice to be chatting with you.

Thank you. Yes.

Well well, let me just let me just say thank you for for bringing up the personal piece, because it's actually, to be honest, it's actually one of the reasons why I wanted to do what we're doing. But just because there are so many amazing people that you can work with and choose to work with. And once, you know, once you once you taste that, it's pretty addictive, actually.

As you know, I almost was like, maybe I should be working at FreeFlow because it's a great thesis and you're a great person to work with. And I've known you for decades and you're also a great surfer. So there you go.

You lie. But that's not true.

Well, I have a lot of fun surfing with you. Give us give us a little bit of the origin story. I mean, I know you, but our listeners don't.