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Dan Zinn — Rivonia Road

December 9, 2020

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If you have any questions if debt can help your startup, feel free to give Dan Zinn a call.

Dan's firm, Rivonia Road, provides a much more bespoke solution than traditional venture debt.

We also talk about how Dan built a billion dollar hedge fund and XPRS, a small business lender.

Full transcript

Dan Zinn is the founder and managing partner at Rivonia Road Capital, a venture credit fund and previously the founder of a billion dollar plus hedge fund vaenture credit didn't immediately sound super interesting to me until I got to better understand how Dan is helping venture backed companies with non dilutive capital. Also, Dan and I are classmates from about 20 years ago, and he is one of the most interesting individuals I know. So there's a lot that we're going to learn from him today.

Hey, Dan.

Hey, it's nice to see you. Yeah, it's fun to be recording a podcast with you.

Oh, as you said, you said quite a high bar over there. That was I'm going to have to do some real work to try to match it. Yeah.