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Dan Wenhold — Fifth Wall

May 3, 2023

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Dan Wenhold co-leads Fifth Wall's real estate technology fund.  He tells us how Fifth Wall has massively grown their AUM by bringing in LPs from the real estate industry who want access to innovation in PropTech.  He also tells us how Fifth Wall has stayed innovative and leaned into creative deal structures that are outside the typical VC playbook.

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Dan Wenhold is with me today in Venice. He's a partner at Fifth Wall where he co-leads the real estate technology investment team. Prior to joining Fifth Wall, Dan was the first employee and director of Retail at the Black Tux and a growth equity investor at Battery Ventures.

Dan. I previously had your partner, Brendan Wallace on the pod, but Fifth Wall has grown a huge amount and just announced a new-ish billion dollars worth of AUM. Congratulations.

Yes. It's been an exciting, I guess, past 12, 18 months for us. Yeah, it's been fun. I mean, when I joined Fifth Wall I was actually, you know, one of the first 10 employees at the firm, And it's been fun over the last five and a half years now since I joined to be able to see the growth not only on the headcount side, but the AUM side.

And we've launched several new strategies. In fact, when I joined, I started investing in retail companies, which we, we don't really, as much of anymore.