LA Venture Podcast


Dan Fishman — Regeneration VC

June 1, 2022

Series A

Do you feel good about the purchases you make and the trash you generate as a consumer?

Dan Fishman believes in empowering consumers and he shares perspective for startups and brands that are being built to serve our new regenerative future.

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Dan has had a fascinating career from making brand deals for Prince and Shaq to launching fashion brands like ALC with Andrea Lieberman. To scaling LA-based ice cream brand Coolhaus to over 6,000 stores. Dan is now focused on climate innovation and the circular economy with his amazing partners at Regeneration VC.

Dan, you have had such a unique career. I would love to start there and hear some about your background and kind of how you got from there to here.

Yeah. I got put in a great position. I had a partner down in Atlanta. I got introduced to a music manager, Scooter Braun, and started to put together some real unique deals. Uh, we put together a deal with Ludicrous for General Motors for Pontiac, uh, started understanding the fashion space, working with people like Jermaine Dupri, Nelly, Shaq  on a watch project.