LA Venture Podcast


Courtney Reum — M13

February 24, 2020

Series A

M13 is a $200M LA-based brand development and venture capital firm. Courtney is a co-founder of M13 and an investor in Pinterest, Ring, Lyft and much more. This is a fun one!

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Today we're here with Courtney Reum. He's the co-founder and managing partner at M13. Lots going on today. So Courtney showed up at our office like two minutes later, our office manager came in and said, we're about to have a fire drill.

They are all about to be evacuated anyways. Courtney tripped across little Tokyo with us, and here we are.

And he also got kicked in the face like a couple days ago. Hey, that that's all accurate.

Thank you for the tour. A little Tokyo and yes, a little little kickboxing kick on, Arye. Great.

So shout out to second spectrum for letting us use their offices. Totally.

MS13 is an L.A. based brand development and venture capital firm. And Courtney has had a lot of amazing investments. You can go to his website and see all sorts of things. Pinterest, bird, lift, bring. It's a great list. And you're the author of Shortcut Your Startup.

Before that, you're at Goldman Sachs and you're the founder of the V, which is something I have.

I care very close, but not a bucket. Yes.