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Cody Simms — MCJ Collective

February 23, 2022

Series A

Earth's population has doubled in Cody's lifetime.  96% of mammals on earth by biomass are now humans and livestock.  China emits more greenhouse gases than all other developed countries combined.  

This and much more from Cody at MCJ Collective.

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Cody Simms is with me today. Cody is a partner with MCJ Collective, a climate tech venture fund and community.  Cody is well-known and well loved in the LA tech community. He was the very first Techstars managing director in LA when he set up the Techstars Disney accelerator, he then became an investing partner at Techstars’s institutional fund, and he was the head of climate and sustainability at Techstars before joining MCJ.

So MCJ Collective has been around for about three years, but the first two or so years of that was my partner Jason's podcast. So my partner Jason Jacobs is a successful entrepreneur. he built a mobile fitness app over the last decade called Runkeeper.

And then after he exited it he was trying to figure out how he could make his next chapter about purpose was really intrigued by notion of exploring climate change, but didn't know how someone with a background like his could help.