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Chirag Chotalia — Threshold Ventures

September 15, 2021

Series A

Chirag tells us about his journey from Pritzker Group to DFJ and the evolution from DFJ to Threshold.  He's one of only a few LA-based Series A investors.

Great to hear his perspective on today's venture market!

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Chirag Chotalia is with me today.  Chirag is a partner at Threshold Ventures, formerly known as DFJ. Chirag is well known to the LA venture community because prior to DFJ, he was leading investments out of the Pritzker group in great companies like The Dollar Shave Club, Casper, The Honest Company, and many more. Chirag, thank you for coming on the pod with me today. 

Absolutely, excited to be here!

Great. Well, why don't we start with the basics of Threshold and how it all came together. 

Absolutely. So Threshold, as you mentioned, was formerly DFJ. We effectively spun out of DFJ in 2018, and so think of it as sort of a rebrand and refresh of the core of DFJ.

DFJ has been around for about 35 years.  DFJ was founded in the mid-1980s and so we had the benefit of taking the best of what had worked for a legacy firm that had been around for 35 years, but also the opportunity to re-examine what we wanted to take with us, and what we wanted to do differently. You know, as you're well aware, venture has changed and evolved so much in the last 40 years since DFJ started.