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Charlie Hanna — Marcy Venture Partners

August 3, 2022

Series A
Series B

Marcy Venture Partners has grown from $30M to $900M AUM, now leading Series A and Series B rounds.  

Charlie Hanna tells us how he, Jay-Z, Jay Brown and Larry Marcus work together at Marcy to evaluate and champion the brands of the future.  He points out that celebrities like Jay-Z and Rihanna didn't make their billions from their music, but from their ability to build brands.

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Today I'm with Charlie Hanna from Marcy Venture Partners. We are in fact in person in Venice at the TenOneTen beach house office. Marcy Venture Partners was started by Jay-Z and Charlie has been there since the beginning watching the fund grow from $30M to now $900M AUM leading Series A and Series B rounds.

Before Marcy, Charlie was at SWAT equity partners. He was the founder of BitRights, a blockchain content licensing platform. And he was in the talent world at William Morris and Paradigm talent agency. So I thought we'd start with Marcy and you had kind of give us the overview.

Absolutely. Yeah. So, the firm was co-founded by Jay-Z Jay Brown and Larry Marcus. Jay-Z and Jay Brown are longtime business partners having co-founded Rock Nation, one of the largest entertainment management companies in the world over 300 artists and athletes, everyone at the top of their game from folks like Rihanna, obviously Jay-Z Megan Thee Stallion, and then athletes like Kyrie Irving, Todd Gurley, and just through their network became really successful A-list angel investors