LA Venture Podcast


Bruce Hallett — Miramar Digital Ventures

October 28, 2020


Bruce's new $100M fund, Miramar Digital Ventures II, invests early in software and data.  He explains why many VCs have gone back to preferring notes over SAFEs, and other insights on deal preferences and construction.

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Bruce Hallett is a partner and one of the founders of Miramar Digital Ventures. Miramar is a seed and early stage venture fund focused on the future of data.

Miramar has about twenty five companies in their portfolio and about two thirds of those are Southern California based companies, many in L.A. But Miramar itself is based in Orange County. Bruce has been doing venture for a couple of decades and I am excited for what I'm going to learn from him today. Thanks for being on the show. Oh, it's my pleasure.

Minnie. Great, well, I guess the first question is, did I get the introduction right? And can you share a little bit more about Miramar?

Yeah, I'd be glad to. We have a history kind of through two different series of venture funds. And I go back, we can talk about this later because that's part of our connectivity with TenOneTen and Gil and Eytan Elbaz is that back in the late 90s when I was a lawyer at Brobeck, I was their counsel.

I was also running a venture investment fund with some other partners at Brobeck. So we were investors in Applied Semantics and a number of other companies. So that's kind of how I got started in and really got the bug for investing. And then one of my other clients was Broadcom. I had taken them public and they almost wore me out doing lots of M&A nineteen ninety nine two thousand timeframe and then this decade partnered up with Sherman Atkinson, who had come out of his company, originally acquired by, one of the early e-commerce companies based here in Orange County.

And then he went to L.A. to help with the turnaround at Intermix Media, which owned MySpace successfully did that and sold that to News Corp.