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Brianne Kimmel — WorkLife Ventures

August 25, 2021

Series A

Brianne Kimmel is the founder of WorkLife Ventures and an early investor in Hopin, Pipe, Webflow, Tandem and many others.

We had a great discussion on how she gets into rounds, how she established herself as a top angel investor and then transitioned into a fund manager and her thoughts on work and life.

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Brianne Kimmel is the founder of WorkLife Ventures, a fund focused on the future of work and life. Brianne was named a “Top angel investor everyone should know” by Business Insider. She has invested in Pipe, Webflow, Tandem, Hopin and many others. Prior to starting her own fund, Brianne worked on go-to market strategy at Zendesk. Brianne, congratulations on WorkLife. 

Thanks so much. And thanks so much for having me. 

I'd love to start by just knowing a little bit more about how you built your connections, how you became an expert in the future of work, how you established yourself.

Yeah, absolutely, I always like to start from the beginning, I think that's really helpful context. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, very much a blue collar town, and tech was not part of my day to day at all. 

I actually started out as a journalism major. Very quickly realized that I liked building websites more than I liked writing stories. And so I started out using Wix and Squarespace and a lot of the lower code tools at the time, but then ultimately learned how to code.

And so I ended up spending about four and a half years in Sydney and a bit of time in Hong Kong as well with Expedia. 

I was in a more performance marketing role at Expedia. Medium sized tech company was doing go-to-market strategy at Zendesk, which was super interesting because that grew out of, more of an intellectual curiosity that I had while I was at Expedia, where we started buying a lot of saas products because it was a faster way to build, in a lot of cases, like a lot of my product roadmap was very much dependent on engineers.

 And we all know how hard it is to hire engineers. And so we, I started buying a lot of tools off the shelf to really ensure that my team was able to hit their KPIs and that we were able to have  best in class technology.