LA Venture Podcast


Brian Lee — BAM Ventures

December 16, 2019


Brian is the founder of BAM Ventures, ShoeDazzle, LegalZoom, the Honest Company and more.  We talked to him about investing out of BAM Ventures where he's not afraid to invest early--$250-500k into a great entrepreneur and an idea.

Also really interesting to learn his approach to launching a brand, shopping at CVS, and whats going on today at BAM labs.

Full transcript

Today we're here at BAM ventures with Brian Lee. Hi Brian. Hi. How are you.

Good. So this is a venture which implies we're going to talk about venture capital but I really think of you as like the preeminent entrepreneur in L.A. much more so than I think of you as a VC. But I was listening to your interview with I think she's the dean of the UCLA Law School.

Mm hmm. And she said today we have one of our most accomplished and interesting alumni alumni here with us today.

So that was a good introduction. You're suddenly very interesting on that. Thank you so much for coming on this.

Well thank you so much for having me. This is so exciting to be here with you many here with you David. So thank you so much.

Thank you. It's great to see you.