LA Venture Podcast


Brett Queener — Bonfire Ventures

August 16, 2023


Brett Queener from Bonfire spends 20-30 hours onboarding each of his companies and shares some of his playbook and rules of thumb.  I like a lot of his operational tips:

* Founders should stay involved in sales (at the seed stage)

* Seed companies should hire mechanics not scalers

* 20% of employees should be quota carrying

* Revenue growth is tied to the number of productive sales reps hired

* And many more insights from his 13 years as an executive at Salesforce

Full transcript

Well, today's conversation should be a lot of fun. I've got Brett Queen here with me. Brett is a partner at Bonfire, one of our favorite co investors. Before bonfire, Brett had a very impressive career. Most notably, perhaps as the head of Salesforce's product and marketing teams. Brett always has a lot to say and is not shy about sharing. So I'm looking forward to some great stories and knowledge from you, Brett.
I'm excited to finally be on this podcast.

Well, I'm excited for it too. So, I thought we'd talk a little bit about Salesforce. I find it super interesting how you got this role and what was going on at Salesforce at the time. And then of course, we'll talk a lot about Bonfire and what you're doing today.

It's always interesting. You probably have the same thing many when people look at your career and are like, wow, how did you chart out your career? You were really intentional about your career. It's actually not the case. Out of Dartmouth, no one wanted to hire me.