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Brad Zions — Pitbull Ventures

August 17, 2022


Should we be pouring massive amounts of time and money into web3 or is it just technology looking for a use case?

Pitbull Ventures founder Brad Zions is also the producer of Kissing Jessica Stein and the co-founder of Lemonade restaurants.  He tells us why movies and restaurants are bad investments and why, in his opinion, web3 is even worse.

Pitbull is a generalist seed/pre-seed fund that targets 50+ portfolio companies per fund.

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Today I get to chat with Brad Zions. Many people in LA know Brad as an active angel investor investing in companies like Clutter, Parachute Home, Harri, and many others, but today we're gonna talk about his new fund Pitbull ventures and also his fascinating career that led him here. 

Before tech investing, Brad was the co-founder of Lemonade restaurants. He was the producer of Kissing Jessica Stein.  He was an investor in Ron Conway's Fund I and II, and he was very early at AOL.

So I gave a little snapshot. And I thought maybe we could start with AOL in the mid nineties.

So it was, was a really interesting place to be. And also just being in Europe, which was, I would say, five to ten years behind where the internet was even in the US. People had absolutely no idea what being online was, what dialup was. It's fascinating to me that this is like 1996 and people aren't yet online,