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Blake Bartlett — OpenView

September 7, 2022

Series A

This is a great explanation of PLG from the guy who coined the term.  Blake Bartlett tells us about the different eras of business software and the problems it was built to solve--from solving a CIO's problems, to solving a business problem, to solving an end user problem.

Blake explains how to get started with PLG, how the funnel changes going from a sales-led motion to a product-led motion, how to think about PLG metrics, and much more.

Full transcript

Blake Bartlett is the guy who coined the term Product Led Growth.  He continues to be a PLG thought leader and now calls himself a Product Led VC, which I like. He's a partner at OpenView Capital where he's led investments in Calendly, Expensify, HighSpot and others. He's also the host of PLG123 on LinkedIn and the Build podcast. 

I have just spent the week listening to your podcast. It's great.

Yeah, well, I have fun doing it too, so, you know, I gotta keep myself entertained and, and keep, the audience entertained as well.