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Beth Kearns — Touchdown Ventures

October 19, 2022

Series A

What are the best ways for a startup to partner with a big corporation?  

Beth Kearns from Touchdown Ventures tells about different partnership models, best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

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Beth Kearns joins me today from Touchdown Ventures. Touchdown helps corporations run professional venture capital programs. Prior to Touchdown, Beth was an Executive Vice President at 20th Century Fox, overseeing investments, partnerships, and operational transformation across film, TV, and digital. 

So Beth, I feel like if people want the whole backstory of Touchdown, then they can go listen to the episode with Scott Lenet, your partner. But with you, I'd love to start with how you got into tech and became an entertainment executive at a major studio.

Sure. I mean, it's funny. I'm not an engineer. I didn't study any type of technology in college, but I just got really curious about these new technologies and what they meant for how people accessed information and I was also the kid where they're like, “oh, you know, you just graduated college so you'll be the one who can access the Internet. You'll figure it out. I had the one AOL account in the whole company.