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Best of Omar Hamoui

December 22, 2021

Series A

Omar is a partner at Mucker and leads their $190M "early" fund.  Previously a partner at Sequoia and founder of AdMob.

So many great insights on building companies and why it's hard for startups to raise a Series A from Sand Hill.

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Omar Hamoui is a partner at Mucker where he leads Mucker’s early-stage fund. Prior to joining Mucker. Omar was a partner at Sequoia, also on the early-stage team.

And of course, prior to Sequoia, Omar was a founder four times, most notably of AdMob, a very successful mobile advertising company that Google acquired for $750 million.

Omar, thanks for joining me today.

Yeah. Thanks for having me.

Great. Did I get my introduction correct?

Yeah, pretty much.

Tell me about the Mucker structure. Just let me start there. Uh, I think I said that you're leading the early-stage fund. Is it entirely two separate funds?

Yeah. So Mucker has been, around, I think for nine years, maybe 10. There’s three about three partners there, myself, Eric, and Will. Eric and Will started a seed-stage fund. Um, and I joined about a year and a half ago, or we call our early fund, which is separate from

Um, and ironically later than seed, but the seed funds a $60 million fund writing, you know, zero to $1 million checks. And the early fund is $190 million fund writing. One to $5 million checks in companies that are, that are a little bit further along.

Got it. So your early funding is later than your other fund.