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Ben Savage — Clocktower Ventures

April 29, 2020

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Ben Savage tells us about Clocktower Ventures.  They are fintech specialists who invest stage-agnostically into financial services innovation ($250k - $2.5m).

Clocktower never leads rounds and Ben suggests that VCs often dont make for the best board members anyhow.  

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Today I'm here with Ben Savage from Clocktower Ventures. Clocktower does early-stage fintech investing with a portfolio that includes Chime, CircleUp, Tala and many more.  Based in the beautiful Clocktower building in Santa Monica and often host to lovely gatherings, but of course not today. We are on video. Ben, thanks for joining me.

Yeah, it's a pleasure to be here and thanks me. Yeah, it was so. So where physically are you and how are things looking from where you are?

I'm in the guest bedroom and my and my house just off Mulholland Drive here in L.A.. You know, it's it's been an interesting couple weeks and I think everyone is still, you know, got their head spinning, trying to make sense of what's happening in the world and what's happening with their families and what's happening in their professional lives.

You know, I think it's it's difficult to do anything other than kind of watch with sadness what's happening not just in our country, but in other countries, and to have, you know, a pretty profound sense of loss for all of the millions of Americans, literally millions of Americans who are instantaneously unemployed and struggling through this kind of event.