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Ben Marcus — UP Partners

January 5, 2022

Series A

Ben Marcus is the co-founder of UP Partners, a new $230M fund investing in the moving world.

Ben tells us about electric vertical takeoff airplanes, drones delivering packages from the roofs of Walmarts, and how flight is going to connect humanity.

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Ben Marcus is the founding managing partner of UP partners, a new $230 million fund investing in companies that are transforming the moving world.  UP partners has made 13 investments to date. Previously. Ben was the founder of AirMap, which is traffic management software for drones.

Let's start by talking about UP Partners. Why did you start up?  I started up because I love to fly. I started UP when I was 10 years old, actually my, my best friend Cyrus and I met at the Santa Monica airport, both very passionate about aviation. And that's when we started going up So, grew up as a pilots and flight instructors went to college together, started working our first jobs together And then in 2006, we started our first company together called jet Aviva, which today is the world's largest broker of business jets. And then in 2014, I co-founded AirMap, which has grown into the leading provider of unmanned aircraft, traffic management software in the world.