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Baron Davis — Baron Davis Enterprises

December 29, 2021


Two-time NBA all-star, Baron Davis talks about his investing and how he encourages people to put their money where their mouth is.

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Hey, Baron Davis. He was not expecting you. I got to admit, I got this notice. in my email that said Baron Davis has just joined my personal meeting room. It's like, damn, I better get into my personal meeting room and see what's happening.

Oh my gosh. Am I on the wrong meeting?

No, no, no, no. You're great. , stay hang out in the personal meeting room. I just started recording.

 Why am I being re

oh, the bencher podcast? got it. I'm ready.

 I got no notes, All right. a two time NBA, all star Baron Davis just showed up in my zoom personal meeting room. He also comes up all the time in the ecosystem because he has a really impressive portfolio of investments. And I keep crossing paths with entrepreneurs and investors who say he's helping them out.

Barren. Thanks for being here

Thank you for having me.