LA Venture Podcast


Anna Barber — M13

July 7, 2021

Series A

Anna Barber is a partner at M13 where she is launching consumer startups.  She's also a partner at The Fund LA, an LA-focused pre-seed fund.  

Anna tells us about the difference between launching companies (narrowing the focus) and accelerating companies (widening the aperture), doing Series A investments and much more.

Full transcript

Anna Barber is with me today. Anna is my very first repeat guest, but she has taken two new roles since I chatted with her about running Techstars LA. Anna is also one of my closer friends in LA, but she has told me very little about her new job at M13.

Anna has been a partner at M13 for about seven months and is also one of the managing directors at the fund. A prominent pre-seed fund focused on early startups in LA. Hi, Anna.

Hi, Minnie, it's great to be here. I didn't realize I was your first repeat guest, but that is a huge honor, especially because I know you just crossed over your hundredth episode. It's a regular fixture and we all listened to it. You're doing a great thing for all of us. 

Aw, thanks. Well, it's super fun, but as I said, you have not told me all that much about M13 so I'm using this podcast as my excuse to get an hour of time with you. So yeah, tell me, like, how's it going at M13.

I love that. And yeah, it was funny. I picked my head up a few days ago and realized that I’ve been here seven months already and it just feels like it's still all brand new. So I started back in December, as a partner at M13 and the head of our Launchpad, which is our internal studio.

And as you know, before this, I spent four years at Techstars, so I was doing something similar, but not identical running an accelerator. So it's been an interesting experience for me in transition, going from running an accelerator program, to running a studio program, which really steps back and is kind of earlier in the innovation cycle, and has a really very different kind of way of working and structure to it, you know, than an accelerator.