LA Venture Podcast


Andrew Kahn — Crush Ventures

December 14, 2022


Andrew Kahn from Crush Ventures invests in music, interactive media, the creator economy, and more.

Crush Ventures is the venture arm of Crush Music, a global talent management firm whose roster includes Miley Cyrus, Sia, Green Day, Panic! at the Disco, Weezer, among many others.

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Andrew Kahn is with me today. Andrew is the head of Crush Ventures, the venture arm of Crush Music. Crush Music is an artist management company with clients like Miley Cyrus Trains, Sia Weezer Green Day, and many others. Prior to Crush Andrew was on the founding team of Green Fly and a senior director of BD at Live Nation. Cool. 

I thought I'd start with a little of your background, like let listeners know where you're coming from.

Yeah, well I started off working for Peter Goer's sports Entertainment firm Mandalay Entertainment in a sales role I was like my first job outta college so learning to sell uh tickets in sports and I worked my way up through his company spent about five years there in Texas for a team they owned in minor league baseball. It was the best business education I think like you could get 

Were so were you selling like tickets for minor league baseball? Yeah.