LA Venture Podcast


Amanda Schutzbank — Willow Growth Partners

April 6, 2022


Venture investment in consumer brands goes in and out of vogue.  Amanda Schutzbank explains how Willow Growth takes a unique approach to consumer investing that combines the best of venture and private equity investing.

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Amanda Schutzbank is a co-founder of Willow Growth Partners. Willow invests in early stage consumer brands and the technologies that empower them. Before starting Willow, Amanda was three years at Amplify LA and two years at Primary Ventures out of New York.

Well, let's start with Willow. And maybe you give me the overview of what you're focused on and we'll go from there.

Sure. So Willow is an early stage investment fund. We are first institutional check into consumer brands and I'd say 90% of what we're focused on is consumer brands. So highly emotional, powerful digital first consumer brands, across many categories, including beauty, personal care, and health and wellness is an overarching theme for us.

We look at food and beverage and then alongside that home, pet, baby, et cetera um, mostly physical product inventory holdings. And then on the tech side, 10% of what we do is commerce enablement tech, which we really just feel like we have a kind of unique advantage and can see what's going on in the boardroom of our brands and what kind of technologies they're using.