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Amanda Groves — PLUS Capital

May 18, 2022

Series B

Amanda Groves shares how startups can best navigate working with elite athletes and celebrities.

How should a startup structure an equity arrangement?  Has cancel culture gone too far?  And how does a firm like PLUS Capital help to measure and quantify an engagement's impact.

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Today I'm with Amanda Groves. Amanda is a partner at PLUS Capital a venture firm that advises high profile celebrities on their venture activities, and also invests alongside them.  Plus has a new, $100M+ Fund II and is investing alongside big name celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Matthew McConaughey. So,

You know, I had Adam on the show, but it was a while ago and I'd love to know more about the model and how things have evolved.

Great. Adam is such an incredible partner and I'm so grateful to be on the journey with him. And just to sort of hone in on what our model is, as you alluded to, we represent 70 or so high-profile artists and athletes, they're all household names across movies, music, and sports.