LA Venture Podcast


Alex Andrianopoulos — Kairos Ventures

December 1, 2021


Alex Andrianopoulos tells us how scientific breakthroughs are going to reshape medicine, climate and the world we live in.

Kairos Ventures is a ~$300M fund investing in these breakthroughs... even when other VCs aren't yet interested.

Full transcript

Today I have Alex Andrianopoulos from Kairos ventures with me. Kairos is investing out of an approximately $300 million fund into great ideas and teams coming out of top universities. Alex leads the research and diligence for all of Kairos’s investments.

Alex, thank you so much for coming on the podcast.

 Thank you very much for having me. 

Great. Well, I, um, got a little bit in the introduction, but maybe you could start us off and tell me more about Kairos and really how you guys got going.

Will be happy to. So, uh, Kairos was founded a short six years ago based on, uh, our observation and belief that, our, uh, system general education system is producing tremendous. And new innovations, but, as a nation, we do very little to support the commercialization or transition if you will, of those ideas and innovations from academia, to commerce.

And then, while, uh, the, the federal government, as well as state governments provide a lot of support for our universities and research labs across the nation, such support as a percentage of the GDP has. constantly been decreasing to the point that now the money is available for research, uh, are focused almost exclusively to primary basic research.

And there are very little money going into allowing such research to transition. As I said, from the lab to the market, more importantly, most VC monies, the, the majority of the venture .Capital money go to market innovation. So as I like to call them and not scientific innovations, they go in and innovations of how to disrupt the food delivery space as an example, or innovations of how are the create the latest app or.

Jogging or dog walking, whatever have you, which are all, you know, could be very well so profitable innovations, but they're not really scientific innovations in any shape or form. So we here at Kairos decided that, uh, we need to create a venture fund that invests exclusively, only innovation emanating out of research labs in the nation, uh, scientific innovation, both in the physical sciences and the life sciences domain and actually focused on such innovation as early as.

 Because we believe that that is where the largest need is, where there are great ideas that never make it to the next stage, because both the federal government doesn't provide enough assistance for that transition to happen. And the VCs do not provide the enough monies to bridge that gap if you will, between the academic lab and the commercial.