LA Venture Podcast


Adrian Fenty — MaC Venture Capital

September 13, 2023


Adrian Fenty has a fascinating perspective as founding managing partner at MaC Venture Capital and former mayor of Washington, DC. In this episode, Adrian dives into the intersections of government and technology, including:

* Why governments should be run more like tech companies

* Why governments are critical for real change (including insights from his massive educational reform in Washington, DC)

* How VC is both art and science

Full transcript

Today I have Adrian Fenty on the show.

Adrian is a founder managing partner at Mac Ventures, and previously the mayor of Washington DC. I associate him with "Waiting for Superman" because he led a huge school reform. After leaving office, Adrian started working with a16Z as a special advisor, and then started his own firm, M Ventures, and then merged that into MaC Venture Capital.

Adrian, thanks for coming on the show.

I'm super, super excited. I've listened to your show for a long time. I didn't think I was qualified since I live in Northern California. But here I am and let's talk!

Yeah, you have a big presence though in LA. MaC is a big part of the LA ecosystem.

No, that is 100% true. Two thirds of our GPs are there. And then of course, one of our founders, Charles King, who's a more of a venture partner with us, he's been an LA fixture for decades.